Yes. The maximum penalty for working without an SIA licence is a £5,000 fine. This could also see you potentially facing prison time.

Can I still use my SIA licence if it has expired?

No. An SIA licence lasts for three years after which you will need to renew it. 

To renew your SIA badge, applicants will need to hold a Level 2 Award for 'Upskilling a Door Supervisor Working within the Private Security Industry'.

This is a mandatory qualification for those seeking to renew their SIA Door Supervisors Licence.

SIA licences do not renew automatically, so you will need to renew your licence if you wish to continue working in the same role after your current licence expires.

Once you have attended the upskilling course, you can renew your SIA licence at the Official SIA Website.

The penalties for working with an out of date licence are the same as for having no licence at all. If you attempt to use someone else’s licence and pretend it is your own, you are liable for the standard penalties and could be found guilty of additional offences, including fraud and a potential prison sentence.

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