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About Get Licensed

Learn more about Get Licensed and what we do...

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Why do I need an SIA Licence to work?

Learn why you need an SIA Licence

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Types of SIA Licences

Learn about different types of SIA Licences

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Right SIA Course For You

Learn which licence is right for you...

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Sample Lesson

Watch Sample Lesson

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Course Booking

Booking a course online takes less than two minutes, learn more...

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Pricing Plans

Learn more about different types of course pricing plans available when booking your course

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What to bring to your course

Booked on the course? Learn what to bring on the course...

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Mock Exams

SIA Mock Exams

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Applying for an SIA Licence

Learn how to apply for an SIA Licence

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions asked by our customers

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Become a Security Training Instructor

Learn about becoming a security training instructor

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Applying for Jobs

Once you have your SIA licence it's time to find work in the security industry. Here is everything you need to know.

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Results & Certificates

Learn more about results and certificates

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Exam Preparation and Study Materials

All of the information you need for exam preparation and study materials

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Reschedules, Retakes and Cancellations

All of the information you need for reschedules, retakes and cancellations

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Course Information

All of the information you need for our most popular courses

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Payments & Refunds

All of the information you need for payments and refunds

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Getting your SIA Licence

Everything you need to know about the SIA licence

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Posting Jobs

All of the information you need for posting jobs

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