Yes. There are a number of different scenarios that could put your SIA license in breach of revocation, and in doing so could potentially result in your licence being revoked.

Your licence will be revoked if:

  • If your SIA security licence has been obtained using fraudulent documents or a fraudulent identity. This also includes if the licence in question has been used by someone other than you.

  • If you do not have the training qualifications that you claimed to have on your application.

  • If you receive a conviction, caution, warning or any other kind of criminal offence during the holding of your SIA security licence.

  • If you have been working with a SIA security licence without the right to work or SIA have been informed by the relevant authorities that you do not have the right to work or are in the United Kingdom illegally.

To find out more about the polices and guidelines of holding a SIA licence, check out Can my SIA security licence be revoked?

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